The Company will create reports to the quality of the by this process will be associated with the provisioning process material information used in the report to the stakeholder can be evaluated and the performance of the company a reasonable, which contains.

1. The Balance The report of the company will reflect the view both positive and negative of the operation of the company without compromising conceal or distort information and how to present the information which may cause the reader to misunderstand to the condition from the truth is to be able to evaluate the results in the big picture at a reasonable and a unique opportunity that will also need to develop what continuously.

2. The Clarity The Company will create a material information to be able to understand and have access to the data for the interest will be used as the data with the document to the report.

3. The Accuracy The material information that the company used in the report is accurate and detailed in the title of a complete enough for the group that you want to evaluate the performance of the business of the company.

4. The Timeliness The report will be generated by the essential information and data tables that usually up to the time of interest to a decision.

5. The Comparability The data of the essential information will be collected and reported consistently material information that the report will be presented in a way that makes the stakeholder analysis can be a change in the operation of the company business.

6. The Reliability Information technology and processes used in the preparation of the report was to collect, analyze, and interpret the notes disclosed in a way that can make your system information and quality.